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Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Security Namespace
Public classAESPrivacyProvider
Privacy provider for AES 128.
Public classAuthenticationProviderExtension
Authentication provider extension.
Public classCacheTKey, TValue
Collection for improving performance. Using hashing of key/value pairs. Oldest elements will be removed from the Cache when the capacity of the cache is reached. This class is not thread safe.
Public classCryptoKeyCache
Class for holding computed crypto values which are referenced by password/engineId combination This class is not thread safe, it does not contain any static parameters.
Public classDecryptionException
Decryption exception.
Public classDefaultAuthenticationProvider
Default authentication provider.
Public classDefaultPrivacyProvider
Default privacy provider.
Public classDESPrivacyProvider
Privacy provider for DES.
Public classMD5AuthenticationProvider
Authentication provider using MD5.
Public classPrivacyProviderExtension
Extension class for IPrivacyProvider.
Public classSaltGenerator
Salt generator.
Public classSHA1AuthenticationProvider
Authentication provider using SHA-1.
Public classUser
User class.
Public classUserRegistry
A repository to store user information for providers.
Public interfaceIAuthenticationProvider
Authentication provider interface.
Public interfaceIPrivacyProvider
Privacy provider interface.