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Lextm.SharpSnmpLib Namespace
Public classByteTool
Helper utility that performs data conversions from/to bytes.
Public classCounter32
Counter32 type.
Public classCounter64
Counter64 type.
Public classDataFactory
Factory that creates ISnmpData instances.
Public classEndOfMibView
EndOfMibView exception.
Public classGauge32
Gauge32 type.
Public classGetBulkRequestPdu
GETBULK request PDU.
Public classGetNextRequestPdu
GETNEXT request PDU.
Public classGetRequestPdu
GET request PDU.
Public classHeader
Header segment.
Public classHelper
Class Helper.
Public classInformRequestPdu
INFORM request PDU.
Public classInteger32
Integer32 type in SMIv2 (or INTEGER in SMIv1).
Public classIP
IPAddress type.
Public classMalformedPdu
Malformed PDU class. Many things are not implemented as they are not in use.
Public classNoSuchInstance
NoSuchInstance exception.
Public classNoSuchObject
NoSuchObject exception.
Public classNull
Null type.
Public classObjectIdentifier
ObjectIdentifier type.
Public classObjectIdentifierConverter
The TypeConverter dedicated for the ObjectIdentifier class.
Public classOctetString
OctetString type.
Public classOpaque
Opaque type.
Public classOperationException
Operation exception of #SNMP.
Public classReportPdu
Report PDU.
Public classResponsePdu
Response PDU.
Public classScope
Scope segment.
Public classSecurityParameters
Description of SecurityParameters.
Public classSequence
Array type.
Public classSetRequestPdu
SET request PDU.
Public classSnmpDataExtension
ISnmpData extension class.
Public classSnmpException
Base exception type of #SNMP.
Public classStreamExtension
Stream extension class.
Public classTimeTicks
TimeTicks type.
Public classTrapV1Pdu
Trap v1 PDU.
Public classTrapV2Pdu
Public classVariable
Variable bind.
Public interfaceISegment
Segment interface.
Public interfaceISnmpData
SNMP data entity.
Public interfaceISnmpPdu
Public enumerationErrorCode
Error code for SNMP operations. (0-5 are first defined in SNMP v1, and others are added in v2)
Public enumerationGenericCode
Generic trap code.
Public enumerationLevels
Security level.
Public enumerationSnmpType
SNMP type code. The values are tag values for SNMP types.
Public enumerationVersionCode
Protocol version code.