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Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Pipeline Namespace
Public classAccessFailureException
Access failure exception. Raised when, 1. GET operation is performed on a write-only object. 2. SET operation is performed on a read-only object.
Public classComposedMembershipProvider
Composed membership provider, who owns internal providers. If the request is authenticated by any of the internal providers, it is considered as authenticated.
Public classEngineGroup
Engine group which contains all related objects.
Public classGetBulkMessageHandler
GET BULK message handler.
Public classGetMessageHandler
GET message handler.
Public classGetNextMessageHandler
GET NEXT message handler.
Public classGetNextV1MessageHandler
GET NEXT message handler.
Public classGetV1MessageHandler
GET message handler.
Public classHandlerMapping
Handler mapping class, who is used to map incoming messages to their handlers.
Public classInformRequestMessageHandler
Message handler for INFORM.
Public classInformRequestMessageReceivedEventArgs
Inform request message received event args.
Public classMessageHandlerFactory
Message handler factory.
Public classObjectStore
SNMP object store, who holds all implemented SNMP objects in the agent.
Public classScalarObject
Scalar object interface.
Public classSetMessageHandler
SET message handler.
Public classSetV1MessageHandler
SET message handler.
Public classSnmpApplication
SNMP application class, who is a pipeline for message processing.
Public classSnmpApplicationFactory
SNMP application factory, who holds all pipeline instances.
Public classSnmpEngine
SNMP engine, who is the core of an SNMP entity (manager or agent).
Public classSnmpObjectBase
SNMP basic object.
Public classTableObject
Object that represents a table.
Public classTrapV1MessageHandler
Message handler for TRAP v1.
Public classTrapV1MessageReceivedEventArgs
Trap v1 message received event args.
Public classTrapV2MessageHandler
Message handler for TRAP v2.
Public classTrapV2MessageReceivedEventArgs
Trap v2 message received event args.
Public classVersion1MembershipProvider
SNMP version 1 membership provider, who checks community names for security.
Public classVersion2MembershipProvider
SNMP version 2 membership provider, who checks community names for security.
Public classVersion3MembershipProvider
SNMP version 3 membership provider. Not yet implemented.
Public interfaceILogger
Logger interface.
Public interfaceIMembershipProvider
Membership provider interface.
Public interfaceIMessageHandler
Message handler interface.
Public interfaceISnmpContext
SNMP context interface.
Public interfaceISnmpObject
SNMP object.