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Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Messaging Namespace
Public classAgentFoundEventArgs
Event arguments for agent found event.
Public classDiscoverer
Discoverer class to discover SNMP agents in the same network.
Public classDiscovery
Discovery class that participates in SNMP v3 discovery process.
Public classEndPointExtension
Extension methods for EndPoint.
Public classErrorException
Error exception of #SNMP. Raised when an error message is received.
Public classExceptionRaisedEventArgs
Provides data for exception raised event.
Public classGetBulkRequestMessage
GETBULK request message.
Public classGetNextRequestMessage
GETNEXT request message.
Public classGetRequestMessage
GET request message.
Public classInformRequestMessage
INFORM request message.
Public classListener
Listener class.
Public classListenerBinding
Binding class for Listener.
Public classMalformedMessage
Malformed message for v3 due to decryption failures or wrong user names.
Public classManager Obsolete.
SNMP manager component that provides SNMP operations.
Public classMessageFactory
Factory that creates ISnmpMessage instances from byte format.
Public classMessageFactoryException
Message factory exception.
Public classMessageReceivedEventArgs
The EventArgs for one kind of ISnmpMessage, used when that kind of message is received.
Public classMessenger
Messenger class contains all static helper methods you need to send out SNMP messages. Static methods in Manager or Agent class will be removed in the future.
Public classNumberGenerator
A counter that generates ID.
Public classPortInUseException
Exception raised when an IP endpoint is already in use.
Public classReportMessage
REPORT message.
Public classResponseMessage
Response message.
Public classSetRequestMessage
SET request message.
Public classSnmpMessageExtension
Extension methods for ISnmpMessage.
Public classSocketAsyncEventArgsFactory
SNMP application factory, who holds all pipeline instances.
Public classTimeoutException
Timeout exception type of #SNMP.
Public classTrapV1Message
Trap message.
Public classTrapV2Message
TRAP v2 message.
Public interfaceIListenerBinding
Listener binding interface.
Public interfaceISnmpMessage
SNMP message.
Public enumerationWalkMode
Walk mode.